When a breast is disfigured due to breast cancer treatments or an accident, the results can take a dramatic toll on a woman’s confidence and self-image. For women with marred, scarred, or deformed areolas, an areola re-pigmentation tattoo isn’t just a unique and innovative procedure; it is a way to restore the breast’s natural beauty and the woman’s self-confidence. 

The goal of an areola pigmentation tattoo is to create a very natural areola and nipple, thus restoring the breast’s natural beauty. The procedure can be used after a mastectomy or another form of breast surgery, but it’s also useful for women with fading or irregular areolas. The tattoo can help a woman “feel like herself” again and regain confidence in her femininity.


Scar camouflage tattooing can mask large dramatic scars by reducing their visibility.

Often scars are in an obvious place and you want to make sure they’re invisible. Since scars will only heal to a certain degree, being able to reduce the visibility of those scars will enable you to be able to make them invisible.

Pigment can be added to scar tissue, blending it with the surrounding skin tones. Includes surgery scars, stretch marks and skin grafts.